Sunday, July 17, 2011

WANTED: motherly advice

Terrible Twos... I think we dread them all our lives right? I always did. It seems to me like Adaiah started her terrible twos right after she turned one. I was mortified that I would have to endure the terrible twos for a year longer than I thought! Thankfully she did grow out of the tantrum stage and for a good while there I had a very obedient angel on my hands! And I thought all was right with the world.... think again.

Just tonight Adaiah and I had a battle over a piece of chicken. She didn't want to eat her dinner (this unfortunately seems to be a daily occurrence as of late). So when she doesn't want to eat I always make her at least take one bite and if she doesn't want anymore she doesn't have to eat it. Tonight this battle went on for 40 whole minutes. After about 20 minutes she finally took the bite of chicken. Then for the next 20 minutes she held it in her mouth refusing to swallow it. She even asks for punishment instead of having to do what I ask her to do. She did finally swallow the bite of chicken but only after both of us are in tears. I put her to bed and then I just felt soooo emotionally drained. I really hate this part, I hate to punish her over and over but I know that I need to be consistent and I can't let her win.

I guess I am just needing some advice or some encouragement because I just feel like I am doing it all wrong! Don't you wish there was a mother's handbook out there that told us the right way to do everything!?

Sigh.... well here is a picture of Adaiah in time out... she's still so cute when she is standing there with her nose in the corner. And I just love her so much it makes my heart hurt.

Oh and I just thought I would share a highlight of the night :) Adaiah wanted to pray for dinner and this was how it went

"Thank you God for chicken, ketchup, rice" - pause - "mommy what's this?" (bread) "bread, fork, spoon, princess (because her fork and spoon have princesses on them) juice (then she looks at my plate) chicken, rice" - pause - "mommy what's that?" (bread) "bread, juice, mommy, daddy, adaiah, AMEN"

She melts my hearts :)