Monday, February 22, 2010

365 Photo Challenge: Days 32-49

Day 32: 2/1/10
All the cousins, we tried to get a good picture...

Day 33: 2/2/10
Pretty Girl

Day 34: 2/3/10
She loves doggies!

Day 35: 2/4/10
Cuddling with Great Aunt Diane

Day 36: 2/5/10
She loved to put that drill in her mouth!

Day 37: 2/6/10
She loved her cousin Luke, she would follow him everywhere!

Day 38: 2/7/10
In her sunday best

Day 39: 2/8/10
Jungle Gym Daddy

Day 40: 2/9/10
Tired after a long day of playing!

Day 41: 2/10/10
Drinking from the straw, she is so good at it now!

Day 42: 2/11/10
Eating the cars

Day 43: 2/12/10
Adaiah and BreAnne

Day 44: 2/13/10
We had an early b-day celebration for her in Bellingham

Day 45: 2/14/10
On our way home!

Day 46: 2/15/10
My precious girl and me

Day 47: 2/16/10
She was very happy because Daddy was sharing his cereal!

Day 48: 2/17/10

Day 49: 2/18/10
We got our keys!


  1. Sarah, Adaiah is so precious! I love that she is getting so big and you all look so happy! I am so excited for you guys and your amazing home! Yay yay yay! Maybe we will have to come visit some day : )

  2. ha ha ha ha I know! It was hilarious!