Saturday, August 22, 2009

Half of A Year

A lot has changed in the last half a year! I don't think you realize how long and how short a half of a year is until you have a baby. Adaiah just turned 6 months and we can't believe it! It flew by! But so much has happened! And it is hard to imagine what life was like without her here. Here are a few things we have done the last 6 months :)

lost many hours of sleep
changed many diapers
took baths
got sick
rolled over onto tummy
cried when on tummy
cried some more
changed more diapers
laughed lots more
visited colorado
held head up
smiley smiley
grabbed first object
visited great grandpa
swang in swing
grabbed feet
slept through the night (thank God!)
exploded out of diaper
loved taking baths
cried when mommy or daddy left the room
went on walks
played with toys
cuddled with daddy
pushed up on hands
got tickled and loved it
rolled from tummy to back
started teething
laughed laughed laughed
rolled around everywhere
screached for joy
cried around new people
scooted along the floor
got into lots of stuff
ate first cereal
ate carrots
chewed on feet
chewed on everything
took lots of naps
pushed up on hands and knees
rocked on hands and knees
tooth poked through
changed more diapers
been loved

That is a lot of stuff for 6 months! And that is only the icing on top! What a joy it is to be a parent! To be able to experience all these little things with your little baby.

Here are a few things that Adaiah has done is her 6 months that a lot of people never do or at least not for a while :)

Went to Mexico
Driven through 6 states
Went to Seaworld
Went to the Las Vegas Strip
Flew on an airplane
Seen the Ocean

She has been a busy little baby!

Thank You God for the best gift in the world, our little Adaiah Diane. We love her so much!


  1. Wow! She's done some things I didn't do til I was an adult! She is a beautiful little girl & you two are amazing parents! I love you three!

  2. I wish you lived nearby so you could take some awesome pictures of Simeon. (Well, for other reasons, too!) Those pics are beautiful and so artsy!! And Adaiah is a beauty.

  3. I loved your list Sarah! It made me so excited for the next 10 months of my life (4 ish till delivery, then...6 mo. till 6 months). I love your blog, and you, and Adaiah! I really can't wait to meet her! Sometime!!!