Monday, September 28, 2009

Beauty in the Desert

Living in a place like Las Vegas isn't always easy. Surrounded by such blatant sin is something I will never get used to, and shouldn't! But away from the strip and downtown Las Vegas isn't such a bad place. There are great people here and God has blessed us with new and true friendships that I know will last a lifetime. God has also blessed us with the unexpected beauty all around us here. Who knew that we would find beauty in the desert? It is like our oasis! This beauty reminds us of God, He is here! He is always here, and He loves the people here! Thank you Lord for the reminder of your love and faithfullness through the beautiful things you have created!


  1. Not much of a writer! That was so beautiful, Sarah! I am so thankful God is working in your life in the place he has chosen for you to be. Love you darling! Kiss Adaiah for me.

  2. I especially like the palm tree photos - beautiful! I'm so glad you are able to find some positives about being in Vegas and the desert. (I think I finally started liking Denver a bit about a month or so ago when we finally started hiking.) You're right, getting out into nature is such a great way to see God's handiwork up close and personal. Have you guys been able to go hiking regularly? (I remember you mentioning it in a previous post.) Also, I like your new "fall" blog look. (At least I'm hoping that was the look you were going for :) ) I CAN'T WAIT to see you soon. Much love, Lanae

  3. These are some beautiful shots & your comments made me cry. I remember that you had such a hard time adjusting, until the Lord brought you around. You are now seeing the beauty where he has placed you. Keep looking up - to Him as well as the "hills"! He is working within you my sweet Sarah! I love you three!