Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Little Pumkin

We got to go visit Seth's mom and grandma in Bellingham a couple weeks ago. We had such a great time being back, seeing friends and driving around to all our favorite spots. While we were there we took Adaiah to Bellewood Acres and Stoney Ridge Farm they both have pumpkin patches. This is something we can't do here in Vegas so we were so excited to have the opportunity to do this! We got some great pictures even though Adaiah really didn't enjoy being amongst the pumpkins and dirt and corn... she loves to be outside but she doesn't really like to be a part of it all :) I'm sure she will learn to love it!


  1. Beautiful! And I love the last one with the pumpkin 10 times bigger than Adaiah - too cute :) I hope she loves Hawaii! Meanwhile, Simeon is having fun in the snow.

  2. looks like you had fun in bellingham.. have a fun trip.