Sunday, January 24, 2010

365 Photo Challenge: Days 1 - 24

I am doing a 365 day photo challenge! Kathy suggested that I put the pictures on here as well as on facebook. So here ya go Kathy! The pictures are not all the same as the ones on facebook. I thought I would mix it up a bit so you can look on here and FB :) Here are the pics up to today. I will try to do them one at a time here on out!

Day 1: 1/1/10

Day 2: 1/2/10
Silly Girl!

Day 3: 1/3/10
Our Angel

Day 4: 1/4/10
Uh-Oh! Caught getting into trouble!

Day 5: 1/5/10

Day 6: 1/6/10
Clapping with daddy!

Day 7: 1/7/10
Getting into more trouble!

Day 8: 1/8/10
Bath Time!

Day 9: 1/9/10
Our Precious Girl

Day 10: 1/10/10
Ready for church!

Day 11: 1/11/10
What a blessing..

Day 12: 1/12/10
At our new house! Already loving the windows!

Day 13: 1/13/10
Story Time with Daddy

Day 14: 1/14/10
"I Love my Daddy!"

Day 15: 1/15/10
Mommy & Me!

Day 16: 1/16/10
Sweet Girl!

Day 17: 1/17/10
What did she find...

Day 18: 1/18/10
I love shoes!

Day 19: 1/19/10
I am 11 months old today! Starbucks for me!

Day 20: 1/20/10
Daddy's Girl!

Day 21: 1/21/10
Playing Catan card game with Daddy!

Day 22: 1/22/10
Chewing on Mommy's drawstring :)

Day 23: 1/23/10
Where is Baby?

Day 24: 1/24/10
She had taken 5 steps, and she is still standing! She then continued to walk to that box! She will be running around before we know it!


  1. She's so cute! It's amazing how fast they grow. Keep loving and hugging on her, before you know it she'll have braces and think she's all grown up at 12 :)

  2. Awww are you talking about someone we both know :)

  3. Just got on your blog as is my daily routine, & SURPRISE, you had actually posted!!!
    Love that opening picture!!! I want it!!
    Love them all & its great to see new ones every day!