Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let's Play!

Well I built a fort for Adaiah, with a quilt and the couch and she loved it! She just thought it was the best :) It is so much fun to play with her now! Some of her favorite things to do with Mommy and Daddy are: chasing eachother up and down the hallway, playing hide and seek, pushing the ball back and forth on the floor, stacking up cups and knocking them down, tickle time and building forts! Enjoy the pictures!

Playing in her fort

Just being cute :)

Uh oh... getting into things she shouldn't! Another favorite!

Relaxing with mommy, I love it when she does this


  1. Sarah, she is amazingly beautiful! And so are you...those eyes of hers...are yours! I love that you are getting to play with her. I can't wait to play with Micah. Today we had a bath and it was great, but she pretty much just sleeps and eats...typical "newborn".

  2. Oh my word, she has changed so much - especially the black and white picture on the top! I keep scrolling up to check and see if it really is her. Oh, how I wish we were able to come to Seattle when you guys are there. I'm sure she and Simeon would have a blast playing together this time. Do a little extra playing with her for us :) And that is a fantastic picture of you on the bottom, too.

  3. How fun! I remember our times in forts!!

  4. So stinking cute! I wish you guys were here!

  5. I was thinking you should post your 365 here...