Monday, April 11, 2011


I don't know what happened...

My pantry hasn't always looked like this. But one day it was all of a sudden a huge mess! I can never find a thing and every time I open that door I just get all frazzled!

So I need to do something about it!

My Mission: Organize the Pantry!



  1. You have a very deep pantry! I understand the desire to organize, you should see my "pantry" which is really the basement. Uck! And now the weather is turning warm and I would rather be outside. Have fun!

  2. It IS very deep which seems nice but makes it hard to find stuff!!

  3. it looks pretty prganized to me! also, i LOVE the photo at the top of your blog! gorgeous!

  4. Yeah I guess the picture doesn't look as bad as it really is! Or maybe I am just OCD.... no that's Seth. Thanks Lael :) That's one of my favorite pics of her!

  5. Looks like my basement, except my basement's much larger. we could have a contest to see who organizes first. Ok 1,2,3 GO
    come on energy, let me get to it, please!

  6. ha ha ha! Well I am just waiting for Seth to hang some stuff up for me in there so I can organize! So I am kinda at a stand still :(