Friday, December 25, 2009

Hawaii: Day 7

(I accidentally mxed up days 6 & 7) On day seven we drove to Wai'pio Valley. And of course that was beautiful as everything was :) Then we drove around the island stopping at the Akaka falls and then to Hilo. In Hilo we stopped at a Chinese garden. Then we drove the rest of the way down and around the island back home.

Wai'pio Valley

Akaka Falls

The Chinese Garden - Hilo

Another long tiring day for such a little girl


  1. What a fun picture of you two with the waterfall behind that a "self portrait"? I remember last time I was at the Chinese garden - Seth was doing his best to be inconspicuous, which included not standing near mom or me so as not to attract attention from the noise!?! Remember that, Seth?

  2. Ha ha what noise? I will have him read this when he gets home :)

  3. I guess he thinks I talk too loud...!?!?