Friday, December 25, 2009

to cut or not to cut

Well before Vegas we got to cut our tree down! That was fun, but since we have moved here, no more cutting! This year we went to Home Depot... sounds pretty exciting huh? We got to pick our tree from a bunch of bound up trees. We got lucky and came home with a very nice tree :) Next year we will hopefully go up to Utah to cut down our tree!


  1. How did Adaiah like the tree once it was set up? Simeon is obsessed with boots and babies (among other things). My mom's tree has picture ornaments with Zachary's picture in them, and Simeon likes to sit in front of those ornaments and say "baby, baby" with a huge smile on his face. It also has some Victorian iceskate ornaments, and he yells out "boot, boot" whenever he sees those :)

  2. Ha ha ha that is so cute! Adaiah loves the tree, we have a gate around it because she just wanted to grab it all the time and I decided I didn't want to be disciplining her all the time for touching the tree so I got a gate. It has helpped. She can still touch the tree but she can't make too much damage :) She loves the ornaments too, sometimes she gets them off :)